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3 reasons your annual golf trip is broken … and how to fix it

March 17, 2016

Categories: Travel Tips

You look forward to it every year: your annual golf trip with your buddies.


Whether it’s playing courses that aren’t in your regular repertoire, getting away with the guys or just escaping the daily grind of work and family, your annual golf trip – be it in the spring, summer or early fall – has been the highlight of your calendar for quite some time.

But year after year going to the same golf courses, restaurants and bars might start to get old.

Here are three reasons your annual golf trip is in need of serious rejuvenation. And, of course, how to make it your favorite week all over again.

1. Your group needs to play new courses

What’s broken: While a trip to New York, the Carolinas or Florida all make for great getaways, you’re getting a bad case of “been there, done that.” Sure, it was a blast at first. And while any of the best golf courses along the East Coast still offers a fun and challenging round, there comes a point where the hype starts to wear off.

How to fix it: Go somewhere new, somewhere entirely different. Consider somewhere outside of the United States, somewhere overseas. Consider golfing in Ireland.

That’s right, swap Pinehurst for Doonbeg, Whispering Pines for Waterville and Hilton Head for Old Head.

And before you think a plane ride to Ireland is out of the question, did you know travel time from Philadelphia to Shannon, Ireland, is almost the same as from Philly to San Francisco?

2. Your group needs a new watering hole

What’s broken: Let’s face it, a stop at the 19th hole at any golf course during a golf trip is an absolute must. No, the views from those clubhouse bars in Florida won’t ever get old, but the food and the crowd does. Same with the bars in the hotel, around the hotel or even the hole-in-the-wall bar miles away that your group still goes to for reasons you can’t even remember.

How to fix it: The Irish might be the nicest and most entertaining people in the world, and there’s no better place to interact with them than in an Irish pub. Taking a golf trip to Ireland gives you this experience you just can’t get anywhere else in the world.

From the perfectly poured pint of Guinness to a delicious plate of fish and chips, visiting an Irish pub will quickly make you forget about those Bud Lights with wings and fries you order back home.

So whether you’re imbibing at some of our favorite post-round pint locations (like The Speckled Door at Old Head or Clubhouse Bar at Waterville) or mingling with the locals at the corner pubs you won’t find on Google or Yelp, taking an Irish golf trip promises that one of your favorite parts of your annual golf trip will get even better.

3. Your trip really isn’t the vacation your group needs

What’s broken: This might be the only week of the year you get to get away. Do you really want to spend so much of that precious time navigating the area in a rental car, arguing over the itinerary and staying in hotels with uncomfortable beds and low-rate service?

How to fix it: Booking a custom Irish golf trip through Trinity Golf offers you and your group luxury every step of the way. The Trinity Golf team has been arranging golf tours to Ireland for more than a decade. Their hands-on experience, relationships, singular focus on the details and concierge set them apart from other Ireland golf trip companies or trying to arrange the trip yourself. Trinity Golf sweats the details, so you don’t have to.

Those details include playing the best golf courses in Ireland, arranging transportation to and from the airport and around the Emerald Isle, never touching your suitcases and never wondering what’s next on the itinerary. Each step – from the transportation to the luxury, five-star hotel accommodations to a comforting meal in a corner pub – is planned by the golf tour experts at Trinity Golf.

You and you group deserve an elite, five-star golf trip experience, and golfing in Ireland with the Trinity Golf team offers everything you could ever want in a golf vacation.

Fix your annual golf trip today

If you’re ready to make this year’s annual golf trip the best golf trip your group will ever take, contact the Trinity Golf team today. Golfing in Ireland is the experience of a lifetime for any golfer. This year, experience that with your best golf buddies. After just a day in Ireland, your friends will be so grateful for your idea that you might not have to buy another round the rest of the trip.