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9 tell-tale signs you need to golf in Ireland

March 10, 2016

Categories: Travel Tips

As golf season gets underway in the northern half of the United States, golfers will again be playing the same courses they’ve played over and over again for years and years. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but eventually, you’re going to want to mix it up a bit.


This year, how about altering your course repertoire and golfing in Ireland? You know you’ve always wanted to, and taking that Irish golf trip is not as far-fetched as you might think.

Need more convincing? Here are 9 tell-tale signs you need to golf in Ireland.

1. Your annual golf trip needs a facelift.

It’s the one week a year you get to escape from work, family or both. Do you really want to spend that precious time on golf courses you’ve played dozens of times, restaurants where the food is just so-so and at bars that aren’t all that different than the one down the street?

A golf trip to Ireland is not your ordinary golf trip — it’s the trip of a lifetime, complete with links golf, food you can’t find anywhere else and pubs you wish you could visit every weekend.

2. You crave true links golf.

Trust us, there’s a difference between true links golf and “links-style” golf. Of the 246 true links golf courses in the world (according to Malcolm Campbell and George Peper, authors of “True Links“) only a handful are in North America (including Cabot Links in Nova Scotia, Canada).

A golf trip to Ireland offers more than 50 true links golf courses. In one Irish golf trip, imagine how many different true links courses you could play!

3. You have Rory fever.

Anytime Rory McIlroy in the hunt for a PGA tournament win, you know you’re wishing you could play the same Irish golf courses the 26-year-old grew up playing. Not a Rory fan? How about Padraig Harrington, Shane Lowry or the up-and-coming Paul Dunne? All Irishmen.

4. Golfing in Ireland has always been on your bucket list.

Here’s is a true story: A few years ago in an Irish pub, two American gentlemen in their 70’s sit down and order a pint of Guinness. They discuss their recent round and lament a trip coming to its end. With a tear in his eye, one friend looks to the other and says, “We should have done this 35 years ago.” Don’t let that guy be you. You’ve always wanted to take an Irish golf trip. What are you waiting for?

5. You’ve played all the great U.S. courses.

Pebble Beach, check. Pine Valley, been there, done that. If you’ve played the best the United States has to offer, the obvious next destination is to play the top golf courses in Ireland. There’s no experience like golfing in Ireland, be it Old Head, Trump Doonbeg or Ballybunion.

6. You’re in need of an adrenaline rush.

Imagine waves of white foam from the Atlantic Ocean crashing into dramatic, 300-foot high cliffs, where, above, you’re hitting off of fairways that offer majestic Celtic views — an experience that is amplified by flirting dangerously close to the edge of those same cliffs. There is no feeling like playing this kind of hole at a golf course in Ireland.

7. You can’t seem to get your drive off the ground.

Irish golf courses are notoriously windy, where towering drives often end up blown into the Atlantic Ocean. It can be the perfect place for the line-drive hitting golfer, and those same buddies who made fun of you at your home country club will be begging for tips about how to keep the ball low.

8. Your post-round pint is getting stale.

There are few better ways to end a round (successful or not) than with an ice cold beer. But even your favorite brew starts to get a little old while recapping your strokes. So how about celebrating that chip-in while enjoying a perfectly poured Guinness — in Ireland. We recommend The Speckled Door at Old Head or the Clubhouse Bar at Waterville (our No. 2 and No. 3 post-round pint stops in the world). Both offer spectacular views, delicious Irish fare and, of course, the perfect pint of Guinness.

9. You’re tired of your local pro-am.

Yeah, yeah. The annual pro-am golf tournament at your local course is for a great cause and gives you a chance to play with a few local pros and maybe even a C-level celebrity. But what if you could play in a pro-am that takes everything to the next level?

Now, you can. The 2016 Trinity Golf Irish Pro-Am offers golfers an opportunity to compete in Ireland against teams from across the globe, combining a world-class golf experience with the very best Ireland has to offer off of the course. Spots for the four-man tournament are still open, but they’re filling up quickly. Read more about how to enter the tournament here.