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Masters of Golf Travel. 

Our team has relationships at some of the world's greatest courses, from Ireland's most majestic to North America's top-ranked.

Our itinerary is your itinerary. Each trip is customized to deliver a spectacular experience from world-class golf, 5 star lodging, luxury transportation, fine dining and our unparalleled concierge service. 

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Our Story

About Me

Some time ago, two older gentlemen sat next to me in a pub in Kinsale and rehashed their wonderful visit to Ireland which was about to conclude. One of the men turned to his buddy and with a tear in his eye he said, “We should have done this 35 years ago.”

I sat in that pub by myself and thought about that comment for a little bit. I could not decide if I was happy they finally experienced a small piece of the Emerald Isle, or sad they missed out on so much more. Regardless, it was a moment of clarity for me; it was the moment I finally understood that Ireland can get in your soul if you let it, but you have to experience it before it is too late.

Trinity Golf was created that afternoon. A conversation between two strangers helped me understand that I was fortunate to have experienced so much of Ireland and that I had a chance to create the same experience for other people. That is what Trinity Golf is all about.

The Irish golf experience is about so much more than golf. Sure, you will visit some of the greatest golf venues in the world, but the true heart of Ireland rests in the people, the folklore, the villages and the pubs. A character lies around every corner and we will find them for you. You will come home with a respect for true links golf for sure, but it will also be undeniable that you have actually been to and experienced Ireland as well.

I do not claim to know everything, but I do know how to travel the right way and experience – and I mean truly experience – the world. Trinity Golf teams are expected to meet my standards at every turn. I expect “spectacular” and you will enjoy that I do. You have my commitment that our teams will create the experience of a lifetime for you … every single time you come back.


John O'Connell
CEO, Trinity Golf 

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