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Don’t make this silly mistake

March 14, 2016

Categories: Travel Tips

Golfing in Ireland is a pilgrimage to some – an experience to check off of their bucket lists. But when planning an Irish golf trip, too many people make a terrible mistake.



“Some people wait their entire lives to do a trip like this,” says Trinity Golf CEO John O’Connell. “If you’re going to do it, do it right.”

So what is that terrible mistake?

It’s cutting corners.

In today’s world of self-booking trips online, too many golfers miss out on too much because they’re trying to organize everything themselves.

And when doing so, maybe they decide to downgrade their hotel room or skip the excellent courses to save a few bucks.

When in Rome…

You’ve no doubt heard the expression, “When in Rome…”

The same logic applies to a golf trip to Ireland.

If you’re going to Ireland and not playing Old Head or Doonbeg, not visiting Ashford Castle, not touring the Guinness or Jameson factories, why are you even going to Ireland? It’s like visiting Rome and not checking out the Colosseum.

To O’Connell, getting the most out of an Irish golf trip means arriving at the airport and never touching your bags, never getting behind the wheel of the car and never wondering what’s next on the itinerary. Each step – from the transportation to the luxury hotel accommodations to a comforting meal in a corner pub – is planned by the golf-tour experts at Trinity Golf.

It’s all in the details

Do you know what side of the road to drive on in Ireland? Out of the numerous corner pubs in Ireland, which ones should visitors make a priority?

When taking a golf trip to Ireland with Trinity Golf, those are things golfers don’t have to consider.

“From start to finish, Trinity Golf supplied really every detail that you can think of,” says Josh Nowak, a golfer from Pennsylvania who took an Irish golf trip last year. “And thanks to them, it couldn’t have been any better. It was absolutely spectacular.”

Trinity Golf takes care of every detail before you board the plane. Once you land, a personal trip concierge manages every leg of your customized trip. From the time you land until the time your flight departs for home, Trinity Golf does the work.

“If you want to feel like a king,” Nowak says, “that’s how you’re going to feel for the duration of your trip with Trinity Golf.”

A trip with value

Can you plan a golf trip to Ireland by yourself?

Sure, but good luck.

But with Trinity Golf, you’re getting a better value with much more to do and much more to see than it would be if you organized the trip all on your own.


“We have experts that this is all they do, all day long,” Trinity’s O’Connell says. “They put together these trips. We’ve worked out relationships with hotels and golf courses and coach companies.”

Those relationships, like with the hotel, ensures you a great price for your stay.

And as far as getting around Ireland, planning your own trip might mean renting a European compact car and taking directions from an outdated map or unreliable GPS.

With Trinity Golf, though, you’ll travel in style in a luxury vehicle with a private driver while you sit in the back enjoying the scenery of the Irish countryside.

The choice is yours

“If anyone is considering going on a golf trip to Ireland they have to go with Trinity Golf,” says Adam Shemas of Pennsylvania. “Literally, once you get to Ireland, there was nothing you had to do other than enjoying yourself.”

If that sounds like a trip up your alley, contact the Trinity Golf team today to learn more about our fantastic trips.

Remember, golfing in Ireland is the experience of a lifetime.

Shouldn’t you make the most of it?