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Thu, Oct 19


Country Club of Harrisburg

Tournament of Champions Central PA

October 19, 2023

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Tournament of Champions Central PA
Tournament of Champions Central PA

Trip Information

Oct 19, 2023, 11:00 AM

Country Club of Harrisburg, PA

Trip Details

Trinity Golf is excited to annouce that limited spots are now available for the 2023 Tournament of Champions series. This popular program is back for a fifth year offering a great opportunity for public and private clubs, private tournament officials, competitive golf leagues or your own small group of friends of all skill levels to compete for world-class travel opportunities. Reserve your spot today for your very own 2023 qualifying event and punch your ticket to Trinity Golf Tournament of Champions!

Trinity Golf has made a few coveted spots in our exclusive Signature Series events for the winners of the Trinity Golf Tournament of Champions. The 2023 Central PA Final will take place on Thursday, October 19, 2023 at The Country Club of Harrisburg, PA. Tee times begin at 11:00AM.

Your local qualifying winners will have the opportunity to compete in the Championship event for the following world-class prizes (assuming a full field of 24 teams, there will be three Grand prize winners who choose from the following four prizes:

  • Full Two-Man Team entry into the annual Pebble Beach Invitational March 2024
  • Full Two-Man Team entry into the Kinsale Cup to be played at Old Head Golf Links in Kinsale, Ireland in Fall 2024
  • Full Two-Man Team entry into the Shootout at Ballyhack in August 2024
  • Two-Man entry into the Trinity Golf Championship October 2024

How does the TOC work?

It's pretty simple. Sometime between March 1, 2023 and September 1, 2023, twenty four (24) approved local qualfiying tournaments will take place around the state. Each local qualifying tournament will produce a winning team who will then be invited to compete in a season-ending tournament against all of the other winning teams. This Tournament of Champions will offer world-class prizes to bucket list venues around the world.

Who can participate?

Any local club (private or public), charitable organization, golf league, existing tournament or event a group of friends can create a two-man team event to be held any time during the 2023 golf season.

What is the best way to hold a qualifying event to enter the TOC?

There are many different ways to hold a qualifying competition. Some examples:

  • Add $30 per person to your existing Member/Member or Member/Guest entry fee, assuming you have at least 36 teams participating. You can then award the spot to the winning team or you can throw all flight winners into a hat and pick. It's your call!
  • Many clubs already host an annual Calcutta. You can incorporate the entry fee into the overall purse from the Calcutta and award the entry to the TOC to the winning team.
  • Charge a small extra fee for a season long competition. Some clubs have created a point system for the three Holiday Tournaments (Memorial Day/Fourth of July/Labor Day), while others have incorporated it into their Tuesday night league competition. A lot of clubs use it to incentivize members to participate in events.
  • You can create a stand-alone event made up of any number of teams you wish. The math is simple and laid out below.
  • Incorporate a "Closest to the Pin" contest for a fee into an existing club tournament. Some players and teams don't feel like they have a chance of winning a full tournament, however everyone can get a closest to the pin! This is a great way to include players of all skill levels.
  • You can run a raffle out of the pro shop and sell chances for any amount of money.
  • In 2021, a group of 8 guys who play together every Saturday morning each threw in $250 and divided themselves into 4 teams. The winning team was entered into the Tournament of Champions with a chance to win huge prizes!

How does the math work if I'm planning an event?

Let's keep this simple and you can fill in the rest on your own. The first goal is to raise the $1,750 entry fee. Everything after that you keep for your own purposes.

  • 8 teams/16 players : $110 pp would cover your entry fee 
  • 16 teams/32 players: $55 pp would cover your entry fee 
  • 36 teams/72 players: $25 pp would cover your entry fee
  • 50 teams/100 players: $17.50 pp would cover your entry fee 

How does our winning team gain entry into the year-end Tournament of Champions?

At the conclusion of your local event, you will submit the names and GHIN of your 2-person team and the Championship entry fee to Trinity Golf. Your participants will receive an official invite to TOC.

What do we do with any extra funds we generate from our qualifying tournament beyond the entry fee?

You keep it to use to help improve your club, charity, or league or pour it back into prizes for your local event!

How many teams can I enter into the TOC?

As many as you like! All we need is a $1,750 entry fee for each 2-man team you enter into the TOC. We will keep the field limited and exclusive so your winners will have an excellent chance in a small field event.

What does the Tournament of Champions look like?

Like everything Trinity Golf does, the TOC Final is a first-class event from start to finish. Our goal is to give away great prizes to the winners, however the teams that do not win a travel prize will still go home very happy the day of the event! TOC includes a great venue, a quality tee gift and great food and beverages throughout the day!

What is the format of the Championship Finale?

We let you set the format for your qualifying event, however when your winners get to the Trinity Golf Tournament of Champions Finale, they will compete in a single-day, 18-hole Championship event. The event will use the Stableford scoring system and all participants will receive 75% of their official USGA handicap. There are 4 grand prizes which will be available for the winning team to choose first, then second place team will choose from the remaining 3 prizes, and the third place team will choose from the remaining 2 prizes.

Is it possible to create a brand new Championship event in other regions around the country?

Absolutely! Trinity Golf is always looking to take this great concept to new areas. If you have a core group of clubs/organizations in your area who may be interested in hosting local qualifiers to fill your own Tournament of Champions, please contact John O'Connell at 717-856-0369.

In addition, if we do build a new regional Tournament of Champions in your area, we will also be looking for a quality host site for the season-ending event. Selection as a host site offers a great opportunity to generate some revenue for the host club and we look forward to accepting applications to partner on a brand new championship event.

Our main focus in coming years is to build additional Tournament of Champions in the following markets: Philadelphia/South Jersey, North Jersey/NYC, Boston and Washington DC/Baltimore/Northern Virginia.

One very important thing to remember--the market and the goals of the local organizations will set the size of the event and the price for entry. A perfect size field to offer all of the great prizes is 24 teams but DO NOT be intimated by that number of teams. Our first event in Pennsylvania did not have 24 teams. It was player word of mouth and popularity of the program which grew us to 24 teams. We can organize great prizes for any size field. For example, maybe in the first year there are only 8 qualifying events, so let's start there. 8 teams allows us to offer 1 grand prize (full 2-man entry into Kinsale Cup in Ireland) and that would be a great start!

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