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Planning a golf trip to Ireland? Don’t forget to pack these essential items

April 14, 2016

Categories: Travel Tips

You’ve booked your dream golf getaway to Ireland and are ready to cross another item off your bucket list. But there’s another list that’s crucial to ensuring you have the vacation of a lifetime: what to pack for the trip.


For many people, “pack” is a four-letter word. But, if you don’t properly plan this task, you’ll wish you had.

Here’s are the six essential things you’ll need to check off your list when packing for a golf trip to Ireland.

1. Range of clothing options

Although July and August are Ireland’s warmest months, the weather can be unpredictable year round, so you’ll want to prepare for anything. Pack short- and long-sleeved golf shirts, sweaters, jackets, shorts and pants — if it’s in your closet and you’ve golfed in it, consider making room for it in your luggage.

2. Waterproof clothing

No one likes to golf when wet, but you may not be able to avoid the rain in Ireland. And, if the rain lasts for days, waiting it out is not an option.

If you don’t already own rain suits and waterproof shoes, purchase them before the trip. Next to your money and passport, they may prove to be your most valuable possessions in Ireland.

3. Backups for the essentials

Waterproofing may not keep everything dry — especially if the rain comes mid-round and you’re not prepared. Make sure you put a few backup items in your golf bag, include a hat, glove, socks, and shoes (if you have them).

Even if you don’t end up swapping these items at the turn, having them with you on the trip can’t hurt. At the very least, it will prevent you from drying out your wet shoes overnight before your next 18.

Also, unless you’re confident that you’ll stay out of the long links rough, bring extra golf balls.

4. Sunscreen

With all this preparation for the cold and rainy weather, you might overlook the fact that you could actually see the sun!

Even if you don’t, the overcast days can be just as dangerous on your unprotected skin. Separately, rain and sunburn are no fun. Together, they’re just silly — and avoidable.

When your buddies ask you to borrow the sunscreen, try not to say, “I told you so.”

5. Golf clubs

This might be the one thing you won’t forget, and the easiest way to check this off your list might be to just ship your golf clubs.

But to golfers who prefer to carry their clubs, there are other options. If you don’t plan on making a habit of travel or are looking for an inexpensive option, you can find soft cases for under $100. If you plan on traveling more often or have more invested in your clubs than you’d like to risk, consider a hard case. The premier hard cases can be pricy, but you should find options in the $200 range.

6. Non-golf items

We shouldn’t need to tell you to pack socks and underwear (and your phone charger — don’t be the guy asking to borrow your roommates’ charger the whole trip). But, if this is your first international golf trip, here are some items you may forget:

  • Clothes for going out. Really, there’s more to do in Ireland than golf. So, figure out your evening activities in advance so you know whether to pack a nice shirt, shoes and sports coat for fine dining or a bathing suit for the spas.
  • The sights on and off the golf course are worth capturing for a lifetime. A smartphone with a decent camera could be a nice alternative.
  • Electronics adapter and converter. If this is your first time coming from the United States, you may need these items. The plugs are different than ours, and some devices operate on a different current.
  • A deck of cards. If you decide the weather is too miserable to golf, you and your travel partners will need some entertainment while sitting in the hotel or clubhouse.
  • Passport/copy of passport. Trust us, you really, really don’t want to forget this.

Little to worry about

Ireland can be the ultimate destination for many golfers. But, without all of the required items for your trip, you won’t get the optimal experience. Booking a golf trip to Ireland with Trinity Golf ensures that you’ll get the concierge service that reminds you to take along these important items, as well as planning each step of the itinerary of a golf trip of a lifetime.

So, just by doing a little planning and packing the above items, you’ll be thankful when your biggest worry in Ireland is, “Who’s buying the next round of Guinness?”