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John’s Top 10 Post-Round Pints

One of the most enjoyable golf experiences doesn’t actually take place on the golf course itself.


It takes place afterwards, around a table or at the bar of a pub as you relive your round with your playing partners over your favorite drink.

Here is John’s top 10 places to have a post-round pint and share the camaraderie of your fellow golfers. Enjoy!

  1. The Tap Room  (Pebble Beach Golf Links)
  2. The Speckled Door (Old Head Golf Links)
  3. Clubhouse Bar (Waterville Golf Club)
  4. The Road Hole Bar (St. Andrews)
  5. The Fire Pit (Country Club of Harrisburg)
  6. Traps (Spanish Bay)
  7. Palmer Grille (Latrobe Country Club)
  8. The Outpost (Cork Golf Club)
  9. Clubhouse Bar (Tralee Golf Club)
  10. Jigger Inn  (St. Andrews)